Top 3 Most Played Online Casino Games: A Beginner's Guide

Being new to the online casino might be an overwhelming situation. A friend might have invited you to join him and his team, and you do not know where or how to start. Should you worry about it? Well, it is not because we are here to help you.

There are hundreds of options that you can choose. A website can have 700 games, and you cannot try them all at once. Here are some of the most played categories, and how you can earn from them.

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Top 3 Most Played Online Casino Games A Beginner's Guide

#1. Slots

This category is a hit for most beginners. It is easy and convenient. Each set does not take an hour, and it is the quickest way to win. Money may come easy in this category, but it does not pay as much as others. How do video slots work? All you need is to click the spinning wheel or play button.

The goal of this game is to match icons horizontally. Other games allow diagonal matches, too! Once you get it right, you earn extra money. If you are lucky enough, you can hit bonuses that double or triples your bet. It is fun and does not take so much of your time. So, if you want a quick relaxation, this is the right choice for you.

#2. Blackjack

Other players wish to get higher winning prizes. You can win a $1,400 bonus in Blackjack. More than luck, you need to focus and strategize well in this game. Do you not know this casino game? Too bad, but it is not an excuse to leave. Before going to the real money deal, you can access a lot of free Blackjack games online.

You know you got a Blackjack if you have a ten-value card an ace on your deck. Your tickets must have a higher total card score than the dealer, but it should not exceed 21. The closer your number to 21 is the higher chances of winning. It is challenging to master the game, but you can soon be a pro with practice.

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#3. Roulette

Does this ring a bell to you? Lady Gaga mentioned this once in her song Poker Face. If it still does not sound familiar, it is a game where the dealer throws a ball to the roulette wheel until it stops on a specific number. Before the game starts, players make bets by putting a chip on their chosen color and number.

Unlike Blackjack and poker, this does not require much of your focus. It is more on luck and chance, like slot games. The best advice on playing this game is dividing your bets on different numbers to win. Yes, you will get a lower amount, but at least you won, right?

Top 3 Most Played Online Casino Games A Beginner's Guide

Bottom Line

As a beginner, you should not fear that you might not like online casinos. A lot of players keep on coming back once they find the comfort of playing. Just be careful about putting your bets. Make sure you are comfortable with the game you are playing, and you know your limits.